Saturday, January 12, 2008

Real time scenarios/issues

Pls post real time scenarios/issues, so that other guys/gals can have a idea of real time scenarios/issues and can give their suggestions.

Sample: Sales document type (ZOR1 and ZOR2)  should follow different number range.Sales orders from each sales order types must be consecutively numbered.


Faraz - Sapdude said...

In Partner Determination:
SP is Sold to Party
SH is Ship to Party but there is a Forwarding Agent involved whose purspose is just deliver the goods to your customer. Forwarding Agent is not your customer but a Transportation Agent. It means that the price of a product X is Rs100 which is payed by the customer but the transportation cost is 20 Rs which goes to the Forwarding Agent.
How will we configure the Partner Determination for the above scenario.
Thanx in Advance

Deepak Rastogi said...

Hi Faraz

Forwarding agent (CR) is also a partner function, so we can configure this part func in customer master to populate it in SO. This we can do in same way as SP/SH are configured.

After creating SO and delivery we need to create shipping doc (this will have separate pricing procedure) for this, which will have transportation cost and this doc will be send to forwarding agent separately.

Other way is, in SO pricing we can have shipping cost, make this as statistical, so it will not be added in SO, total value, and in PP - accounting key we can have separate key, which will post this amount to some another account (this GL account will be for forwarding agent, not for customer).

Hope it helps.

Prabuddha said...


The scenario is as follows:

i) There is a Distributor who distributes products for a company in different countries. However, for each country there is a specific day on which shipments are sent by the 3PL service provider e.g. say for Japan trucks leave only on Wednesday every week and it takes 2 days to reach Japan
from the distributors location.

How do we map this in SAP?

Anonymous said...

Here Through the delivery scheduling u can configure this.

we will create factory calender and assign it in plant.

sathya narayana said...

If possible kindly post MM Support realtime support issues and solutions

chandu said...


Can i get any proforma or template for functional specifications and if possible share few functional specifications which u have prepared, is it possibe?

Siddharth S said...

Reply to Faraz Sapdude
Based on your reqmt, the FA is specific to this customer, so you add in the partner determination procedure of the customer master. It will be copied along with the FA partner into sales order. But you are asking about cost. You have option of configuring shipment cost and you can enter this FA code in the shipment header. Based on your config of shipment cost item category, you can instruct the system to create PO/Service entry sheet to this vendor.
Please revert if any questions.
Siddharth Sridhar

Siddharth S said...

Reply to Prabuddha
More specifically, SAP provides option to create a route schedule.
t-code is VL51

Anonymous said...

Go factory calendar and make all the woking days as blank and mark only Wednesday as working day.

sanayamohit said...

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